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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much will my order cost?

2. How do I get a price quote?

3. Will you ship my order without payment?

4. How do I pay for my order? 

5. Can I pay with a PO?

6. Can I talk to a real person about my order before I place it?

7. Will I be able to see my shirt before it is printed?

8. Can I supply my own garments?

9. How much is shipping and handling?

10. How long until I receive my order?

11. Will I get my order on time?

12. What happens if I decide to cancel my order?

13. What if the item I want is not on your site?

14. How can I get a catalog?

15. Where is Absolute Screen Printing located?

16. Can you match PMS colors?

17. How do I upload my artwork?

18. What is the best file format for my artwork?

19. Can you do an all over print?

20. Is there a minimum order requirement?

21. How can I save money?

22. Do I have to get the same color item for my order?

23. Do you offer contract printing?

24. Can I get a printed sample?

25. How do I change text size?

26. Can I put a design on the back?

27. Is there a way to add names and/or numbers to the back of my shirt?

28. How can I remove the background from an uploaded image?

29. How can I tell how many colors are in my uploaded image?

30. Is there any way I can email what I want and have someone give me a quote?

31. Can I have a design on any other location besides the front and back?

32. How would I add my design to another item?



There are four things that determine the cost of your order. 

  • What kind of garment you are ordering
  • How many garments you are ordering
  • How many locations you want for the print
  • How many colors are used in each location

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There are a few ways in which we can assist you with price quotes. 

  • When you finish your design in our Design Lab, select the "Get a quote" button. Simply enter the quantities and sizes that you would like and select the "Update Quote" button. If you are satisfied with your quote select the "Buy Now" button for the items to be added to your cart. 
  • Chat with us! We are more than happy to help you in bringing your vision to life! Just click the "Chat with us" link at the bottom of your screen. 
  • Give us a call! Our team will gladly answer any questions you may have! 

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We will not ship an order until it is paid in full. 

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You can pay online when you place your order. 

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Here at Absolute Screen Printing we are more than happy to work with PO's. When you reach the Payment Method section of your shopping cart just check "Commercial Purchase Order Number (P.O.) and enter your information. School and Government Only.

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Absolutely! Just dial 855-386-4443 and a member of our team will gladly go over your order and address any concerns you have. 

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If you created it in our Online Designer we normally do not send out a proof. However, if you wish, let us know in the notes section of your cart that you would like a proof emailed to you.

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Unfortunately we do not offer printing on your own garments. 

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Absolute Screen Printing pay's the shipping fees on all orders in the US, except Alaska and Hawaii. If you need shipping outside of these areas shipping fees may apply.

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Once the order has been paid in full and the artwork has been approved it usually takes 5 business days for your order to be completed and shipped. We do offer 3-day shipping for a fee to cut down on shipping time. 

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At Absolute Screen Printing we try our absolute best to ensure that your order will ship out on the day that we say it will. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the shipping times of UPS. Occasionally UPS will have delays in shipping due to weather or unforeseen issues. It is always best to give yourself a few extra days before your deadline when ordering to ensure you will have your order when you need it.

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If we have already started on your order it is normally to late, some of your products might already be in production. Please call and see where it is in the line. 

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If you are looking for a particular item and do not see it on our website either start a chat wih us or call us and we will send you to a link with exactly what you are looking for. 

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Most of our products are on our online designer or under the products tab and we do not send out catalogs. Please call us to further discuss this if you absolutely need one.

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Absolute Screen Printing is located in Sunny Southwest Arizona!

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Generally, yes. As PMS colors are made for printing on white cardstock the match will be close, but not exact. Just let us know which colors you would like and we will mix it. There is a charge for mixing colors, so you may want to choose a stock ink color.

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Once you are in our online designer with a product picked out, simply click on the "Upload Image" link located on the left side of the designer and follow the onscreen directions. 
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Our online designer takes most any type of files. The absolute best is a vector .EPS File. The second best options you have are files that support transparency such as .PNG, .PSD or .GIF.
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Unfortunately, we are unable to print on the entire garment. Here at Absolute Screen Printing we use a standard print press. Please see HERE to view our product dimensions. 
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No, we do not have a minimum order requirement. However, please keep in mind that the more you order the more the price will go down. 
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Ordering in larger quantities helps in bringing the price down. Another option would be reducing the number of print colors or print locations for your design. Our white shirts are less expensive than our colored shirts as well. 
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No, as long as the print colors and design remain the same on all of the garments. Once you place your initial item in the shopping cart just select "Add to another product" under the picture and select the product you want the design added to. 
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We do offer contract printing. Please see HERE for more informationa and pricing. 
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Unfortunately we do not offer printed samples. 
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When you select the text that you want to change a box should appear around it. Simply drag the blue circles to the desired size. To keep the design proportions consistent you will need to use the corner dot. 
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Yes. While you are in the Design Lab select the tab for "Select Print Location". This will show you all of the sides you can print on. 
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Yes. In the Design Lab you will see a tab labelled "Names & Numbers". Select that tab and enter the information you would like on the back. 
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Once you upload your image you will be given the option to select the number of colors in your image. Select "Remove White Background" to remove from your image. Please try the "eyedropper" tool as well. 
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Occasionally our Design Lab cannot determing the exact number of colors in an uploaded design. If this should happen use your best judgement when selecting the number of colors. Do not worry, if there is an issue with printing your design we will be in contact with you to fine tune it. 
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Absolutely! Just contact us and we will provide you with an email address to send your request to. One of our team members will get back to you within 12 hours with your quote.
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You can have multiple print locations. As of now most of our products only allow a front and back print location. If you wish to have more than that please continue with your order and check out. Please make sure that you included a note to us in the notes section and one of our sales team members will contact you. 
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Once you place your initial item in the shopping cart just select "Add to another product" under the picture and select the product you want the design added to. 
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