The best way is to use our website, pick a product and add your design then click on “Next Step” enter your quantity you wish to order and hit “Get Price”. Its really that easy! Ready to buy after the amazing price? Just hit the “Buy Now” button and proceed.

We do not print or ship orders until they are paid in full. We do however work with schools and government agencies and can use an official Purchase Order once approved by our staff.

Unfortunately not – Using the online designer you pretty much get a proof before production. You are more than welcome to place a smaller order prior to a large order to see the process and the quality of printing. Smaller orders such as one piece however would be done DTG and not screen printed.

Were a family here and like many of you like to spend time apart from our work family. Were open from Monday-Friday. If you need assistance quicker in most cases if you shoot us an email at or use the messenger we can get to you quicker.

All Inclusive pricing! Meaning there is no hidden fee’s or anything else. Pricing works on several factors such as quantity, style of garment, garment color, colors in design for each print location and print method. On a budget and looking to save some money? Try to lower the amount of ink/print colors in the design, try less print locations, change garment type or increasing order quantity as we have multiple price breaks.

Most small orders would be DTG or using vinyl using Absolute Screen Printing’s best judgement for the job. Large orders will be screen printed since it’s lower cost and speed in printing.

We would love to BUT cannot print copyright images, logos, brands and characters. If you place an order that infringes on copyright we have the right to remove it and/or ask for new artwork before we can proceed.

We offer all inclusive pricing so there is no cost for set up fee’s.

Most of our adult styles of garments also come in companion styles for youth and ladies.

Unfortunately, we do not accept customer products for many reasons. If we by some change ruin an item we have no way to replace it. With 1000’s of products we offer there is no reason to supply your own garments.

Of course! Short sleeve or long sleeve we got you covered. Printing on sleeves does add to the cost so be sure its in the budget to do so. Get a price with no sleeve then add a sleeve print to see the difference in cost.

Were in the wonderful City of Buckeye, Arizona. The nations fastest growing city for over 10 years. But don’t worry as we ship on a daily basis and have wonderful relationships with our shipping services.